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Luque Olive Oil

Producer: Alcubilla 2000 (Luque Family)
Brand: Luque
Origin: Spain
Blend of Three or More Cultivars

Luque | Olive Oil TimesThe following information has been provided by the producer.

Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

Medium-high frutity intensity with a dominance of green leaf. Notes of sap and green banana appear. After these attributes, ripe tomato notes also appear.

In spite of slightly more intense picante than bitter, both are of medium intensity thus balancing the whole. The green perceived at nose is confirmed as well as other aromas reminiscent of almond and banana skin.

Our olive oil is ideally suitable for preparing salads and other raw food delights.

Fruitiness: Mild

Company Background:

Alcubilla 2000 S. L. is a mill where extra-virgin olive oil is produced exclusively from ORGANIC FARMING. It is located in Castro del Rio, between Cordoba and Granada, in the heart of Andalusia, where the olives are lovingly cultivated and carefully harvested on a family-run farm.

Through generations (6th generation as olive growers and 4th as olive millers), Luque family has been growing the olive trees in their own olive groves but has now chosen the ORGANIC path in order to produce the highest taste of extra virgin olive oil.

We are USDA-NOP and JAS-Japan certified for exporting our extra virgin olive oil to the United States and Japan.

Depending on weather conditions, we are the 2nd-3rd largest producer of ORGANIC olive oil in Spain.

Production Methods:

HARVEST: By hand and mechanical.


* Acapulco-Sinolea method (“percolation”): during the extraction, olive oil is produced without pressure and does not suffer any aggression, so the quality is very high. The oil obtained is called “Flor del aceite” (flower of the oil).
* Traditional system, by hydraulic press (“First cold press”): the ground paste is placed between pressing mats and is subject to pressure, to expel the oil must (mixture of oil and water). The mixture is then poured into a vat or holding tank. This is allowed to rest so that gravity and different densities come into play, separating the oil from the water.
* Continuous system, by centrifuge (“Continuous processing plants in two phases”):
the ground paste is added to a horizontal centrifugal machine, where the solid is separated from the oil must. The must is then passed on to a vertical centrifugal machine, where the oil is separated from vegetal water.

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